Ibanez PM35 Semi-Acoustic Archtop Guitar

This has been my main go-to guitar for the past few years, but, in view of the fact I am now tripping over guitars in the flat, I am afraid this one has to go. It is a really nice guitar but is best suited for a modern player who is looking for that smooth Pat Metheny or Jim Hall jazz sound whereas I am striving for the brighter Geroge Benson sound which my Godin seems better able to deliver, mainly because of the type of pickup. That said, if I could afford to keep it as an alternative I would because it plays really nicely with a comfortable neck and fingerboard and it is perfectly balanced and proportioned. The lightweight maple body makes it really easy to play during long gigs. It is one of those rare Archtops which does not suffer excessively with feedback issues at higher volumes. The humbucker gives a high-output and is very good quality. The guitar is strung with a newish set of Picato gauge 12 roundwounds.

The sale includes a hard case and the alternative metal bridge that came with the instrument. 

You can see a video of me playing it here: 

I have it listed on eBay here: 

If you want to buy it outside of eBay or want to come and try it out, please send me an email through the contacts page on this site.